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How Social Network script enables your Startup idea into reality

As the demand for social networking websites is increasing rapidly, People are constantly looking for new platforms to explore the world. For users, Developing social networking website is essential so that they can spend their most of time on the social network and can be connected with them. Social network script from Ncrypted websites enables your dream of launching your own social network websites into reality with their precious features. To meet the rising demand of users to have best social Network websites, Ncrypted websites has designed a very powerful Social Network Script with high-end features required to develop a Social Network website.

As you are aware of a current market trend of social network sites, Every user demands satisfying Social network website which fulfills all the requirements of user like unlimited posting, sharing etc. Social Network sites are websites on which everyone can create their own public profile and create a list of people with whom they want to share their connections, and view and can search other people and friends them in the profile. For that, a Business starter needs the best social network script which can completely satisfy the requirements of every user. Ncrypted Websites has designed the best Social Network script with fully customized features like facebook, linkedin, Twitter etc have.

Why Twitter Clone ?

Twitter clone by Ncrypted Websites is an advanced and highly scalable social media script combining social Network script which allows users to send and receive messages, tweets, in their respective languages. Twitter clone open source has all necessary features required for successful business startup. The users specially today are very much active on social media platform which can give them innovative platform to share their knowledge and ideas.

Today’s business has clearly occupied the entire social media platforms for growing their businesses and targeting their ideal audiences. For that Twitter clone can be much helpful to start your own social media website and provide resourceful tools to the client. Twitter Clone from Ncrypted websites gives you platform to start your own social media websites. Twitter clone has some valuable cum needful features whichare as under.

  • Allow to create/edit profile, images, password and to view their friends & tweets
  • Allows users to upload text-based posts, pictures, active links, auto link users using @username to share their views and ideas
  • Allow people to unfollow anyone when they want to
  • Allows members to view the recent updates of their friends to whom they follow
  • Multi-Language Support


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Social Network script


Web development company Ncrypted websites’ Twitter Clone platform already has standard features developed which can kickstart your business immediately without consuming time on development. The main advantage of a Twitter clone is that the base is ready to kickstart business anytime soon. For website clone development Ncrypted websites use cutting edge technology to build scalable, robust, user-friendly and can easily be customized as per your requirements.

Why Instagram Clone?

Instagram Clone by Ncrypted is a social networking script which is appropriate for each business startup who needs to dispatch their own photograph and video sharing site like Instagram. Instagram Clone enables clients to post photographs and recordings whenever on the web. Instagram Clone is an immaculate stage where people can exchange their photo gathering and video reports with editable size to anybody. Each and every principal viewpoint that is required in any powerful picture/video facilitating site has been anchored truly by the Best Instagram Clone.

Organizations are inspecting and focusing on Social media stages that empower their business to grow quickly. Instagram Clone script can be a fundamental device to kick-begin your Social media site business thought into reality. With Instagram Clone script you can likewise begin your person to person communication site photo and video sharing stage.

Why Video sharing script?

When we consider video, the first thing that strikes on mind is youtube, a video sharing site which has a tremendous customer base. Hence we can presume that the world is advancing at an exponential rate in the field of music and entertainment. Ncrypted websites’ readymade solution for video sharing script is ultimate solutions for Video sharing business. Days, where individuals used to sit tight for the radio to tune their favorite tunes, have climbed the statures where you can share a song with just one click in any side of the world. In this way, we require a video sharing script which fulfills every one of the prerequisites and can be customized as per requirements. NCrypted’s video sharing script is a business site, with a tremendous client base who supplies extra customization and development with affordable costs.

Key features of video sharing script

Demographics: One can see the number viewers, number of subscribers, number of likes/dislikes and number of comments.

Social Sharing: With social integration, one can directly share a favorite video with anyone in the world.

Advanced features: Advanced features like caption certification, dissemination choices, permit and rights proprietorship, video recording date and area details along with comment responding system.

Video player: Complete video player with play, pause, volume, video quality, playlist etc.

Video Manager: This module manages video transferring, altering, history and advancement.

Watch later: The videos that you are intrigued can be observed later by sparing the playlist or adding it to your top choices list.

Why Youtube Clone for video sharing business?

YouTube is a standout amongst the most mainstream and open source online networking and video sharing sites on the web. YouTube Clone is tied in with making specialty video transferring site that will create traffic from the web. Youtube clone is standout amongst other things about propelling a video-sharing site is that you can do as such without investing a ton of energy in the technical side of things.

Why Netflix Clone for video sharing business:

Netflix Clone is an online video entertainment site like Netflix, where you can watch boundless motion pictures and web series for one low month to month cost. Netflix Clone communicates films and TV shows over the internet to new areas with substantial gatherings of people. Netflix Clone Script’s multi-lingual capacity additionally permits the broadcasting of motion pictures and projects in territorial languages.

Social Network Script, by NCrypted Websites, provides a platform which encourages association among people of different gatherings, for example, friends, proficient partners, social, and so on. These social networking sites help to find people with similar interests who live in their network, and the capacity to look for their assistance when required. Contact us today.


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