Start your own Professional Networking site like linkedIn using ConnectIn-A Professional Networking Software

LinikedIn Script

Everyone knows, that this is the era of online social networking. The numbers of social networking websites are available on the web nowadays. Every website is covering some part of the huge social networking marketplace. Social networking sites are divided into two types:  simple social networking and professional social networking sites. Simple social networking sites are mostly used by all to connect with friends and families and to share photos and all. Professional social networking sites generally contain details of employee and employers.

Professional Social networking websites have changed the definition of social networking and have restructured it to gain huge attraction of people. LinkedIn is widely famous professional social networking website and every day its users are increasing. Due to hike in popularity of LinkedIn, many websites have started, that provide similar functionality like LinkedIn.

Introduction of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is world’s leading professional networking websites with 467 million users in 2016 from more than 200 countries around the world. Its mission is to connect the world’s professionals to increase their productivity and accomplishments. LinkedIn provides functionality to find people, new recruitment, can publish new stories, updates and insights which help users to stay connected with world’s professionals without geographical boundaries. After Facebook, LinkedIn is world’s most popular professional social networking websites on the web. It also contains huge professional community and everyday it is rising.

Why LinkedIn Clone demand raised on the web

Everyone knows that in competition of social networking websites, LinkedIn has created unique platform and place in an international market. Because of the increasing popularity and success of LinkedIn, demand of LinkedIn Clone in online market has reached at very a high level. Many companies have made plans to launch own Social Network Software to jump into broad marketplace and they have got less or more success in the market. Due to high competition LinkedIn keeps launching new features and functions. Thus the race of becoming powerful Professional Social Networking website and to stay at the number one, continuously going on.

Run your own Professional Social Networking Software like LinkedIn Clone

If you are in an online business and want to start your own Business Networking Software then NCrypted Websites is the best place to come. NCrypted Websites has launched ConnectIn – A Professional Social Networking Software which has similar features and functions like LinkedIn. NCrypted Websites provide ready made and customized PHP Script for LinkedIn Clone. With the ready made PHP Script you can kick start your own website easily and very fast. But if you have any special requirements and want to make your website unique then you can prefer our option of customization. Our developers scrutinize your ideas and make it possible in real by adding those functions into your LinkedIn Clone and deliver your dream Business Networking Software to you. Our Website solution is robust, reliable, scalable, responsive, user friendly, mobile friendly and SEO friendly. Due to SEO friendly Script your website will already popular in search engines and will immediately promote your business in an online market.

Get your own multi-featured Facebook Clone from NCrypted Websites

Facebook Clone

The burst of social networking websites has helped a ton of business. In addition, lots of people have  attempted to cash on the popularity of these social networking websites. It is very popular, that the main three most viewed or visited websites are social networking websites. Thus, due to the increasing popularity of  Social Networking sites, many entrepreneurs have begun their own Social Network Software and becoming the part of a large Social Network Marketplace.

NCrypted Websites offers pretty good Social Network Software – Facebook Clone. We do not only provide 3rd party ready made PHP script, but the user also can customize as per his/her requirements. Our Facebook PHP Script has built with the basic fundamentals of social networking and grasping very few famous features of the original site. It is not merely a copy of its original website. It has its own existence and is unique itself.

Here are some points that make our Facebook Clone Script pretty unique:

Unique design: We have made sure that the design remains unique, yet the functionality meets the concepts of Facebook itself.

Two packages to choose from: Basically, we offer two types of website clone formats.

One is a ready made clone, listed in our website, to kick start your business. It is absolutely ready to hit the ground running. All you have to do is just to put the static content inside and that is it. There is also available ready made PHP Script for Facebook Clone. It is built on a standard framework, keeping the famous features of the original website in mind.

The other way is to make a customized website clone as per your need. If you have your target website in mind, we can build a website clone on that as well.

Available during services: With NCrypted Websites, you get a start to finish experience. Along with web designing services, we also have marketing and SEO services. We offer effective marketing campaigns and we also have a very experienced and skilled team of SEOs who work hard to improve your Facebook PHP Clone’s ranks in leading search engines.

Inputs from you: Your Facebook Clone Script is written in PHP and html5. We are always open for suggestions and inputs from our customers. In fact, that is our primary step before heading to the designing phase. It makes our job easier and the end product much better if we get to know your business and your intentions up front.

Have your own place where you can socialize with your family and friends at a very affordable price, along with a range of value added services. Save your time and effort that is required to build a website from scratch and get a ready made website clone itself! We do not outsource any of our work and we have an in-house team of designers and marketing executives and SEOs as well. Unlike those web service providers who give you a template to play with and leave you pretty much on your own, we have a fully professional hierarchy where we always have people dedicated to our customers.

Looking for Badoo Clone? Go with NCrypted Websites’ Social Network Software

Badoo Clone

Badoo is a social networking site which provides dating service. It’s well known for online social connections like making new friends, viewing their information, sharing information with their, and chatting. It is trying to provide easy, fast and fun way for people to meet each other locally and globally.

Nowadays almost people are using any social networking website for different purposes. Some people using social networking websites to expand their network by making new friends from any places in the world, some are using it for online business promotion because social networking is the best platform for viral marketing, some others are using it for entertainment, sharing knowledge, sharing an awareness for any diseases, some are using it to express their creativity with a wide number of people etc. Day by day Social Network Script users are increasing. Facebook, Badoo, My Space, Linkedin is world’s most popular social networking website and every day their users are rising. After Facebook on web Badoo is also one of the most popular social networking websites and it also contains thousands of users.

NCrypted Websites offers Badoo Clone with all the features of Badoo. The purpose of developing Badoo Clone Script is to provide a similar platform for social networking to establish an online connection and meet personally at global and local levels. Badoo Clone – A Social Networking Site Clone goals, providing an online meeting and dating scheduling facility for people interested to meet each other. It also provides features like chatting and sharing information.

Badoo Clone Script by NCrypted Websites is a very rich in features. The features allow user to browse user according to gender, age preferences, locality based on distance from user’s location, allow messaging and chatting with online users and also shows a list of profile visitors, people who want to meet the user and people who has added the user in their favorite list. Allows adding new friends, giving gifts to new friends, the user can send invitation to friend for dating or meeting up, enables adding our interest and liking in the profile and finding friend with the similar interest. User can like profile, update profile and customization feature, admin panel with the user friendly CMS. Also shows the list of people who are interested in meeting and dating. PHP Script is SEO Friendly, Mobile Friendly, Responsive, scalable and robust.

NCrypted Websites provides ready made as well as open source customization of Website Clone. It also assists you with the platform you should use for your project. Our Website clones are with rich features like user management, attractive admin panel with admin management, content management, SEO friendly, advert management and many more. NCrypted Websites has developed website clones of the popular websites. They are listed below.

Fundraiser – A Crowdfunding Software, Nlance – A Freelance Software, Bookitt – A Social Bookmarking Software, BistroStays – A Vacation Rental Software , Busewe – A Marketplace Software , Fashmark – An Ecommerce Software, Soundify – An Audio Streaming Software .


Latest Marketing Trend – Social Networking Sites

Social Network Script

The latest trends of nowadays are promoting online marketing in social networking site. Social networking sites attracting people with similar interest and opinions and offers lots of benefits that would help your business going online. Because its not only place for fun or to stay in touch with family and friends, but also a great place for online business promotion. It is very quick, reliable, affordable, and highly effective medium of online marketing. Big companies like coca-cola to McDonald’s and even major television stations are recently using social networking sites to reach people globally and promote their business in new ways.

How Social Network Script helpful in Business?

Social Networking Sites are the platforms, where you can focus and connect with actively engaged people looking for services or products. The efforts and time you put into sites, the more you’ll get. These sites are a highly valuable resource for online promotion of products and services effectively. NCrypted Websites provides Best Social Network Script at very affordable price. We will help you to build your own SEO Friendly Social Networking Web Design for your site.

If you are a business owner, peculiarly one that have an online business, can use our Social Network PHP Script to promote business online. Our PHP Script has many tools available to brand yourself, your service and your product in the form of videos, discussion groups, blogs, forums and many more. There are many advertising services believe that free advertising is not effective over paid advertisements. But believe Social Networking sites are best to platform to market your business without spending money. Take advantage of sites for advertising your business with videos and pictures and get ready to receive tons of traffic to your website.

Sharing business with other business owners is not only the thing these sites will help with, but due to a large number of audience using these sites, creating network here will also allow you to develop close relationships with people with similar interest. This helps not only in learning and sharing business information, but can also walk with a new business partner or a new friend. You can ask your client who also is a member of the network to write a recommendation for you, and do the same for them. This can be a great way to increase income and trust towards your business.

Connect with prospects on an individual level will build trust and believability among your network. Here you can post different events such as seminars, workshops about your services and products, particularly designed to meet your client’s specific needs. This will create a very good impression among clients.

NCrypted Webistes offers different Social Network Website Clones like Facebook Clone, Linkedin Clone, Badoo Clone, My Space Clone and Netlog Clone. These all clones are available with ready made Script and also with customization. The client can extend or remove features of sites as per requirements. So, the client can come up with new unique Social Networking Site.