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There is almost certainly that social media marketing is the new type. It is fundamental of business success as a result of its demonstrated capacity to encourage exercises that assistance achieve marketing objectives, including earning enormous presentation and obtaining leads for conversion. 88% of business using social media for their business. How about to start your own social media business? It simply gives you success in your niche as people are using social media marketing for their business awareness and goals. Social Network Script by Ncrypted is a powerful network script with all the essential high-end features. It develops reliable, user-friendly, scalable and SEO friendly website which will help in starting a social media business.

Why choose Social Network script from Ncrypted?

Highly Customizable: Easily & quickly customized as per client requirements
Super Fast: Powerful cache system which makes website super fast

Fully Responsive: Build with a popular framework, gives mobile or any device responsive site

Latest Technology: Develop a website with the most advanced technology which gives high security

High Performance: With advanced technology, a website can handle N number of users at a time

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Social Network script


Clone scripts provided by Ncrypted

Instagram Clone by Ncrypted is a social networking script which is fitting for each business startup who needs to dispatch their own photograph and video sharing site like Instagram. Instagram Clone engages clients to post photographs and records at whatever point on the web. Instagram Clone is a faultless stage where people can exchange their photo get-together and video reports with editable size to anybody. Each and every imperative point of view that is required in any serious picture/video empowering site has been moored truly by the Best Instagram Clone.

Snapchat is a sight and sound advising application used comprehensive, One of the key features of Snapchat is that photographs and messages are commonly open for a concise range before they end up closed off to customers. The application has created from at first focusing on individual-to-singular photo sharing to before long including customers’ “Records” of 24 hours of requested substance, close by “Discover”, allowing brands to exhibit commercial maintained short-shape content. Thus, a Snapchat clone is organized in a way that client can get to effectively. Web development company Ncrypted websites need to construct a Snapchat clone with snapchat PHP script so it very well may be extensible and in addition easy to understand. Snapchat clone broadens hands towards developing business visionaries who are quick to dispatch their social network systematic snapchat. For them, a Snapchat clone is perfect to kick-begin their own business thought into the real world.

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Social Media Clone? Read to know its effect on Business Startup?

Social Media Script

Social media has proved to be a blessing to humanity making human interaction more convenient and faster than real life interaction. With a touch of a button, people are able to communicate with anybody anywhere in the world. It is a valuable tool to communicate with others as well as share, create and spread information.

Perhaps the most influential social media tools are social networking sites, all of which have a unique functionality and purpose. Some of the social media script giants are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Regardless of being a startup company or a well-developed firm, you need to be on such social networking platforms to start engaging with your customers and people around the globe.

These giants are pulling a huge amount of fame and revenue due to millions of users using those sites daily for various purposes. Social media clone is one such tactic to earn your living by having a website similar to these sites but with your own customized features included in it targeted for your specific audience.

Let us have a look at some of the social media scripts such as Instagram Clone, Snapchat Clone and Twitter Clone.


Best Social Media Clone Scripts

Social Media Script


Instagram Clone

The Facebook owned organization, Instagram was initially founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. Instagram is a social media script which allows users to share photos, videos, add captions, filter edits, tweak settings, engage with others and much more. This social media clone can be downloaded from app stores at free of cost.

Having over 200 million users, the site has its popularity due to picture-editing functionality. Also, it is an incredible channel for e-commerce marketing through its highly visual format. Due to the fact that high quality photography was integrated with uploading it instantly over a social media clone meant that editing and uploading had been optimized and made easier.

Instagram clone script serves the similar purpose of sharing photos, videos and getting connected to the people around the globe. Additionally, it will have extra features added according to customers’ requirements. Alike founders of Instagram, you could be the owner of such social media clone for your startup simply by getting Instagram clone script solutions from any such software development companies.

Following are the benefits of using Instagram Clone for your business:

  • Using Instagram clone script on your website helps you connect with your customers over this social media script increasing cross-channel engagement. This can be achieved by setting up a Shoppable Instagram where people can easily have a look at your products displayed on your Instagram Clone page and click through to product pages.
  • Time is an essential parameter when it comes to marketing your product. By using Instagram photos and ads to showcase your business is the most convenient and time-saving marketing strategy to leverage your business startup.
  • It is proved that Instagram Clone Script drives more engaged traffic than any other social media script. It helps in getting customers time and again for repeat purchases of your products.
  • Also, you can use the user’s photos, with their prior permission, for marketing your brand. This is known as User Generated Content (UGC). Several different hashtags are used by the users for promoting a particular brand.

Now talking about another trending social media clone script which has been a sensation among teens and tweens – Snapchat.

Snapchat Clone

Initially founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown in 2011, Snapchat is basically a mobile messaging platform used to share photos, videos, and text. It gained success in a very short space of time, especially among the young generation. The feature that makes it trending and unique from other platforms is that messages disappear after a few seconds of having read by the recipient.

Something about snapping, sharing and then forgetting about those little moments has made a massive appeal among kids. Snapchat initially focused on private photo sharing but now you can perform several different tasks including short video sharing, live video chat, messaging, creating different avatars, and usage of different filters in photos and videos. You can even store your media in memories.

Snapchat Clone allows the user to perform a similar task. Basically, it allows you to customize the features of Snapchat Clone script according to your needs. They are readily available by software development companies which would give your business startup a kickstart. Not only Snapchat clone script is appealing to youth but also driving a huge revenue through several different ways and advertisements are one of them. Let us have a look at some of the benefits offered by this social media script.

Following are the benefits of using Snapchat Clone for your business:

  • Being a personal platform, it provides the brand a real identity without any filtration or professional editing. Also, Snapchat stories help with promotion of different brands and offer as it is available only for 24 hours which makes a user to see it immediately.
  • The “Discover” feature showcases editorial content from big brands which have paid to be portrayed there. Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed and many more are the top brands in Discover.
  • The snapchat clone script has become a platform for popular influencers to jump on this bandwagon as an extension of their YouTube channel, other social media accounts, and blogs.
  • It is quite a feasible script allowing its users to easily get the hold of it and optimize its features. You can easily post photos and videos from your smartphone. Also, it notifies the sender if any recipient takes a screenshot of his post.

Twitter Clone:

Well, Twitter is one of the best social media application where people entertain their self by following, posting some different kind of tweets, do some retweets and share it as well. Most of the famous business tycoons and celebrities are regularly made their presence in such social media platform.

So, let me ask you one thing why you need to make a Twitter Clone when it is readily available. All you just need to do is give the complete explanation about the kind of layout you will need in your Social Networking script. As well, you can also add or remove some feature from your Social Networking script if you don’t want it.
Twitter Clone script is performed all those features which are wanted to develop Social Media website, some of them are below:

Features of Twitter Clone

  1. User-Friendly Dashboard
  2. Search Users
  3. Follow User
  4. Post Management
  5. Mute User
  6. User Management, and much more.

You can also execute any customization on your Twitter Clone script. Also, it’s built by the team of professionals using the latest web technologies, which make it powerful enough to handle any technological changes that are happening day to day. Twitter Clone script is also able enough to handle the storm of traffic on your Social Networking platform.

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Today, the internet market has become almost synonymous to social media as it provides access to largest audience producing the greatest effects. Entrepreneurs and other business startups have started relying on such media to promote their brand and work. Are you one of them? Yes, then here is your one-stop solution for driving revenue and fame from such social networking platform clones. A clone scripts development company, NCrypted Websites provide with readymade solutions for your startup business with a complete customized script designed according to your niche requirements. We provide with a most legit team of developers to cater to your needs within the given time space. Contact us for more information.

Connectin – A customized social networking script for your startup

An overview of Social Network Script

It’s already 2019 and gone are those days when driving audience engagement on social networking sites was a passive process. The all-time online audience of today’s world wants to be involved, interact and co-create. The brands that are successful in delivering customized social network script to their audiences are the brands that are likely to thrive with their social network software and social media strategies in the upcoming years.


connect in

Social Network Software


Basically, the social network script allows users to share ideas in the form of posts, images, and videos with other users residing in a similar network. Social network scripts are the base to all the social media platforms be it Facebook or Linkedin or Snapchat or WhatsApp. With the help of Ncrypted Websites, you can bring your social network business idea to life. This web development company provides you with versatile blueprints for your business startup with their various customized clone scripts.

Linkedin clone

The Linkedin clone is basically a Corporate social network meant for increasing the professional outreach of users and enable more connectivity in the corporate world. It is an ideal platform for home-based business owners and freelancers. Over 65 million users use Linkedin Clone to cultivate their business and careers around the world. You build connections with different business professionals to inculcate your business or startup. Linkedin was initially founded by Reid Hoffman and founding team members from PayPal and

Linkedin clone scripts provided Ncrypted websites prove to be a turning point for your very own business startup. Ncrypted provides you with highly efficient social network script which lets you customize the software according to your requirements. One such Linkedin clone is already available to the clients – ConnectIn.


The fact that professional marketing is enlarging itself every other day, ConnectIn by Ncrypted provides you with your own startup like Linkedin a complete social networking software. Connectin aids its professional and business users in portraying and expanding their services. This social networking software allows you to build strong connections with the professional world irrespective of your geographical location. Connectin allows its user to generate revenue in 3 different ways – Membership plans, Adhoc inMails, and Featured jobs. You can visit Ncrypted website for more solutions to your startup product.

Facebook clone

Facebook is a major player in the world of social media with over 2.20 billion monthly active users. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook was a school-based social network software at Harvard University. It has now evolved itself as a giant social media platform where users can post comments, share pictures and post links to news or other interesting content over the web, live chats and watching short videos. The content shared by you can be made publicly available or available to only a selected group of people. Facebook’s success can be attributed to the fact that it has been able to mark its appeal to both people and the businesses and a unique feature to interact with sites around the web with only a single login that works across multiple sites.

This Facebook clone being the darling of all the businesses today has been able to closely target the audience and deliver ads directly to people for marketing of their products. A Facebook clone is an open platform where even the least technical-minded people can open their Facebook account and begin posting pictures. A web development company, Ncrypted Website provides you with most legitimating solutions, if you are one among the users who are planning to start a business like Facebook. It provides you with a ready base for facebook clone where you just need to state your additional requirements to our company.

Facebook has paved its way in generating as much revenue in past years that it has tempted businesses all over the world to start a business like a Facebook clone. Facebook was able to drive as much as $40 billion in 2017. Discussing some key features of a Facebook clone.

Features of Facebook clone:

  • Maintain a friend list and choose corresponding privacy settings for the same
  • Upload photo albums and maintain those albums and its available sharing options
  • Supports different pages which allow businesses to use Facebook as a vehicle for their product marketing
  • A live video streaming option is also available to its users
  • Allows a user to connect with people around the globe and chat with them through messages.

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Not only has facebook outreached to the mass, but Linkedin has also paved its way into the lives of people with a great response. Social Network Script, by NCrypted Websites, gives a stage which energizes relationship among individuals of various get-togethers, for instance, companions, capable accomplices, social, et cetera. These social networking sites help to discover individuals with comparative interests who live in their network, and the ability to search for their help when required. Get in touch with us today.


What is Social Media Script?

Social Media refers to the websites and application that allows people to share their content quickly, efficiently and in real-time. Many people define Social Media as apps on their smartphone or tablet, but the reality is this tool started with the computer. This misconception came into the picture from the fact that social media users access their tools via an app. Social Networking has become part of our living. Moreover, it has lead to enormous possibilities for a business to grow, reach and influence people with their innovative ideas. However, as for now, the number of social networking users has surpassed 3 billion. In the further years, rapid growth is to be expected in terms of usage and business.

So, having a startup in Social Media field can lead you to success if your ideas about your own Social Media Script are innovative to influence the people. Social Media Script with standard and attractive features enables you to kick-start your business with quality.


Untitled design(5)

Social Media Script


Social Media Script called Instagram Clone Script and Snapchat Clone Script are the most popular media sharing platforms in this era. Both of the Social Media Software has unique and amazing features which can boost up your social networking business. Briefing you about Instagram Clone and Snapchat Clone so that you can get an idea about your startup.

Instagram Clone?

Instagram is among a breed of smartphones apps which have tapped into
a creative, image-based online life of the people. Instagram is a Social Network Software that allows you to share photos and videos. Instagram enables its client to share pictures and videos privately or secretly on the application. This service was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for around the US $1 billion in real money and stock. Instagram has 800 million monthly active users and now it has reached 1 billion.

Cell Phones have acquired photo-sharing patterns. It has been increasing at 2 digit rate day by day. Instagram’s business strategy is exceptional and innovative. Instagram expects the client to make a profile to interface with others. The Story feature of Instagram, that enables you to post video/photo for 24 hours is the biggest evolution of Instagram. The Stories appear as a little circle on the followers’ feeds.

Talking about the Instagram Clone, it is a well-suited photo and video Social Networking Script, that allows you to start your own picture and video sharing site.

Sharing some of the benefits of Instagram Clone Script

Extend Connection
Knowledge Sharing
Lifts Confidence
Amazing features and coordinated outline

Some features of Instagram Clone includes creating a number of groups with unlimited members, privacy settings for your photos, enables members to like, comment and share photos, a creation of own blogs, add/edit/delete photos title/tag/description, creating shared moments etc. Instagram Clone with a unique design and features can make entrepreneurs make money. A customizable Social Networking Script like Instagram Clone Script is available with customization by clone scripts development company NCrypted Websites.

Further talking about the similar Social Networking Software i.e Snapchat Clone.

Snapchat Clone?

Snapchat is a popular multimedia messaging app that lets you share messages,
pictures, live stories and a 10-second long video that disappears after being viewed. It is advertised as a “new type of camera” because the essential function is to take picture/video edit them with different filters available on snapchat and share them with friends. It’s not your conventional camera but a camera that’s connected with your friends.

In 2018, Snapchat’s shares worth $12.34. Snapchat users share 2,083,333 snaps every minute. 582K snaps are sent every minute.19M users check snap map daily. Today 188 Million people use this app to talk, play, learn and share pictures and videos.

That was brief about Snapchat, moving towards the Snapchat Clone Script that can be your startup business.

Snapchat Clone is a Social Media Software that enables you to run your own social networking business that offers users a fast, fun loving and beautiful way of sharing private picture message. Snapchat Clone Script helps your users to get most amazing snap pictures with filters and getting news from the whole world at one place.
Snapchat Clone for users is the most efficient way to be connected with their friends.

Snapchat Clone provides helping hands for the entrepreneurs, who are looking for startup in social networking business like Snapchat.

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In the further years, rapid growth is predicted in both terms usage and business. Social Media has proven its worth in recent years. Whether it is for business or personal affairs, social media has been very effective. Social Media Script like Instagram Clone Script & Snapchat Clone Script can edge your startup business to huge success. Web development companyWeb development company NCrypted websites’ first-rate Social Networking Software to aid business, facilitate to put on an outshining media platform from scratch.

Best ideas to start your own Social Media Platform

Social Media Script

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Instagram are situated at the most notable social media frameworks being used each day. Since people need to share new thoughts and substance reliably, giving them new advances can bring extraordinary results inside a short proportion of time. Regardless of the way that, you don’t need to wind up a fashioner, getting organizations from Social Media Script destinations can give you remarkable help. It doesn’t have any kind of effect if you are new to SEO practices or creating aptitudes, your strategies can be facilitated into your new social media arrange. Distinctive business contemplations, for instance, PC produced reality, live video, chatbots and social educating can moreover be consolidated in order to make your site predominant and particularly saw.

Social media frameworks have accepted basic employment in transforming correspondence all around the globe. With the endless mechanical movements in the social media industry, there is a high rate of advancement if you can show new features. Social Network script is directly considered as the best startup float in 2017 as it empowers business visionaries to achieve their business destinations and get preference to online networks a prevalent way. It is hard to imagine people living without social media. Hence, if you are doing combating difficult to achieve your business goals, starting with a Social Network Script can undeniably bring out awesome accomplishment results.


Social Network Script

Social Network Script


Instagram Clone

Instagram Clone by Ncrypted is social frameworks organization script which is fitting for every business startup who needs to dispatch their own one of a kind photo and video sharing site like Instagram. Instagram Clone empowers customers to post photos and accounts at whatever point on the web. Instagram Clone is a perfect stage where individuals can trade their photograph social occasion and video records with editable size to anyone. Every single main perspective that is required in any solid picture/video encouraging site has been secured truly by the Best Instagram Clone.

Associations are taking a gander at and concentrating on Social media organizes that engage their business to develop rapidly. Instagram PHP Clone can be a basic instrument to kick-start your Social media site business thought into the real world. With Instagram Clone script you can in like manner start your social frameworks organization site photograph and video sharing stage.

From Social Media Marketing you can make a committed page for your Instagram clone on social networking stages and begin speaking with individuals on this page before you dispatch the application. Social media stages are the best instrument to make a potential client base. In this manner, enroll social media accounts on all stages 3-6 months before the dispatch of your application.

Presently you have to decide your crowd. It is safe to say that they are twenty to thirty-year-olds or expert kind of individuals? Supposing that most piece of your crowd is twenty to thirty-year-olds, at that point you should share images or interesting recordings to connect with them. For the expert gathering, you have to make the spellbinding substance. With everything taken into account, offer in a style that addresses your intended interest group.

An Instagram clone would take a very long time to finish, even with the best designers, since it is a gigantic task and you have to ensure it tends to be kept up later on. This additionally implies you have to keep everything very much organized and have loads of documentation yet Web improvement organization Ncrypted website instant answers for beginning your social media business with the assistance of Instagram Clone.

Snapchat Clone

The clients can in like manner chat with emojis rather than forming in a substance. Emojis are organized in such a way to deal with express the conclusions and state of the personality of an explicit customer. Plus, In Snapchat clone script the clients can share the accounts in which the foe can play the video in a faster or slower way and besides can rewind it, that passes on a long ways past plan to use this clone script. It is sheltered to state that you can have a brisk dialog with your treasured ones. A Snapchat clone which has its own one of a kind uncommon look among changed applications.

Snapchat clone script for iOS and Android is a quick, wonderful and fun approach to share private photograph messages. Experience an absolutely better approach to share today. Snap a photograph or a video, include an inscription, and send it to a companion (or possibly a couple). The first Snapchat Clone in the market based on the MEAN stack.

They’ll see it, giggle, and after that, the snap vanishes from the screen – except if they take a screen capture! Facebook offered $3 billion for Snapchat and you can have your very own rendition in entirely reasonable rates, and who knows to turn into a tycoon in the following couple of months

Ncrypted websites offer Snapchat clone accompanies a NodeJS+MongoDB based server backend which we can convey on-preface on your server. We have utilized the most recent REST based web administrations for all information correspondence on the application which ensures application deftness so your snapchat clone script will ensure an amazing client experience to your clients.

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Twitter Clone

Twitter clone by Ncrypted Websites is a progressed and very adaptable social media script consolidating social Network script which enables clients to send and get messages, tweets, in their individual dialects. Twitter clone open source has every fundamental element required for fruitful business startup. The clients particularly today are especially dynamic on social media stage which can give them the inventive stage to share their insight and thoughts.

The present business has unmistakably involved the whole social media stages for developing their organizations and focusing on their optimal gatherings of people. For that Twitter clone can be much help to begin your very own social media website and give clever devices to the customer. Twitter Clone from Ncrypted websites gives you a stage to begin your very own social media websites. A Twitter clone has some significant cum needful highlights. Get in touch with Ncrypted websites to start your social network business with the best Website clones.

How social media clones can give you success in business?

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Instagram are positioned as the most well known social media systems being utilized every day. Since individuals need to share new contemplations and substance consistently, giving them new advances can bring exceptional outcomes inside a short measure of time. In spite of the fact that, you don’t have to end up a designer, getting administrations from Social Media Script sites can give you extraordinary help. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you are new to SEO practices or composing aptitudes, your techniques can be coordinated into your new social media stage. Different business thoughts, for example, computer-generated reality, live video, chatbots and social informing can likewise be incorporated so as to make your site prevalent and very much perceived.

Social media systems have assumed an essential job in reforming correspondence all around the world. With the ceaseless mechanical progressions in social media industry, there is a high rate for progress in the event that you can present new highlights. Social media script is presently considered as the best startup drift in 2017 as it enables business visionaries to accomplish their business objectives and get an advantage to online networks a superior way. It is difficult to envision individuals living without social media. Thus, in the event that you are battling hard to accomplish your business objectives, beginning with a Social Network Script can unquestionably bring out mind-boggling achievement results.

Why pick Social Network script from Ncrypted?

Exceptionally Customizable: Easily and immediately modified according to customer necessities

Super Fast: Powerful reserve framework which makes site super quick

Completely Responsive: Build with a famous structure, gives versatile or any gadget responsive site

Most recent Technology: Develop a site with the most trendsetting innovation which gives high security

Superior: With cutting-edge innovation, a site can deal with N number of clients at once


Untitled design(16)

Social Media Script


Website Clones by Ncrypted

Why Twitter Clone?

Twitter is an American online news and social systems administration benefit on which clients post and cooperate with messages known as tweets. Twitter clone does likewise. With the assistance of Twitter Clone, you can dispatch your very own stage like Twitter. Twitter Clone is modified from exceptionally gifted and capable engineers of Custom web advancement organization NCrypted Websites. Twitter clone script enables clients to deal with their profile and can post and peruse tweets of clients.

Why Instagram Clone?

Instagram Clone by Ncrypted is social systems administration script which is appropriate for each business startup who needs to dispatch their very own photograph and video sharing site like Instagram. Instagram Clone enables clients to post photographs and recordings whenever on the web. Instagram Clone is an ideal stage where people can exchange their photo gathering and video records with editable size to anybody. Each and every principal point of view that is required in any strong picture/video facilitating site has been anchored genuinely by the Best Instagram Clone.

Organizations are looking at and focusing on Social media stages that empower their business to grow quickly. Instagram PHP Clone can be an imperative instrument to kick-begin your Social media site business thought into reality. With Instagram Clone script you can likewise begin your social systems administration site photo and video sharing stage.

Instagram PHP script is dazzling worked in highlights to improve the dimension of Social media site where customers can likewise work with enthusiasm. The absolute best highlights of the Instagram clone by Ncrypted asunder.

Snapchat Clone

The users can likewise talk with emoticons as opposed to composing in a content. Emoticons are structured in such an approach to express the sentiments and condition of the temperament of a specific client. Besides, In Snapchat clone script the users can share the recordings in which the adversary can play the video in a quicker or slower way and furthermore can rewind it, that conveys a far beyond hope to utilize this clone script. It is safe to say that you can have a quick discussion with your cherished ones. A Snapchat clone which has its very own special look among different applications.

Why Youtube Clone?

YouTube Clone is a standout amongst the most well known and open source social media and video sharing sites on the web. YouTube Clone is tied in with making specialty video transferring site that will drive tremendous traffic from web indexes. A fine aspect concerning propelling a video-sharing website is that you can do as such without investing a great deal of energy in the specialized side of things with simply the assistance of Youtube clone script.

YouTube Clone which is a video sharing site clone enables you to run your own video sharing gateway like YouTube. Guests will have the capacity to transfer video to your own YouTube Clone, see the current video, remark on a video and offer a video with others.

Why Netflix Clone?

Netflix Clone is an online video entertainment site like Netflix, where you can watch boundless motion pictures and web series for one low month to month cost. Netflix Clone communicates films and TV shows over the internet to new areas with substantial gatherings of people. Netflix Clone Script’s multi-lingual capacity additionally permits the broadcasting of motion pictures and projects in territorial languages.

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Web development company Ncrypted Websites is having the PHP Social Network Script is the best-rising script for the clients to associate with other, this Social Networking Script will assist the people groups with connecting the general population over the globe and our Open Source Social Networking Script is outlined with specific UI and it is planned with Open source stage and the procedure of correspondence with the general population in private visit or gathering messages will likewise assist them with connecting to the world.

Latest Features You Need to Know about WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free and cross-platform messaging app and Voice over IP (VoIP) service owned by Facebook. WhatsApp is a standout amongst the most notable stories ever of web. Originators Brian Acton and Jan Koum worked at Yahoo quite a long time ago. We all are familiar with this application and have found it very useful in our day to day lives.The application allows the sending of text messages and voice calls, as well as video calls, images and other media, documents, and user location.The application runs on both a mobile device and also accessible from desktop computers; the service require. users to provide a standard mobile number. mainly, users could only communicate with eachothers personally or in groups of perticular users, but in Sept 2017, WhatsApp announced a prospective business stage that will empower organizations to give client services to clients at scale. WhatsApp totally changed the concept of communication as we made a shift from regular text messages to this whatsapp app.

It started with a text messaging service. Totally free service to send unlimited texts. Just needed was an active internet & this app. whatsapp would create a profile based on your phone number & would enable you to send texts for free via the internet. Before whatsapp there are some Chatting platforms like yahoo messenger & other messengers were on computers only & BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was limited to BlackBerry phone users only. This benifits gave WhatsApp a large market to play on. It won’t be an misrepresentation if we say that WhatsApp application has fully changed the way people communicate.

The Best New WhatsApp Features

Facebook & WhatsApp has banned in China and iran for security reasons and personal issue. WeChat is massive in china, japan & korea. These are large markets that WhatsApp is currently missing on, especially China. The obtaining may not be the arrangement here as the issues are with the belief systems. In any case, the absence of hold in these nations is essentially counteracted by the huge use in enormous nations like India.WhatsApp has changed the manner in which individuals impart. A great deal of organizations rely upon WhatsApp today.

Group Video and Voice Calls:


A Recent Trending Feature of Whatsapp is Group video Calls are completly free. You can talk with upto three other person at a time in video or voice call. Its very easy to add another people into your video call.

“Catch Up” on Group Chats (And More):


WhatsApp user knows that its groups could do with a few latest features,

Catch-up:  It’s easier to catch up on something you might have missed.

Protection From Re-Adding: WhatsApp groups don’t need your consent to add you to a group.

Description:  A quick description field where administrators can set basic rules.

Check Which Chats Are Using Up Storage Space:


Path: Go to Menu on whatsapp > Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage. You’ll see full list of your chats which sorted by most storage space.

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To free up space, it has option to see which chats are taking up the most amount of space. you’ll need to delete some stuff.

Change Numbers and Keep Your WhatsApp Data:


You can still continue to use the same WhatsApp account with all its data when chenging the number. Go to Settings on whatsapp > Account > Change number, and follow the instructions.

Backup is the best way before you start this. To do that, go to Settings on whatsapp> Chats > Chat Backup.

Send Offline Messages on iPhone:


offline messaging: For a long time, Android users enjoyed one feature iPhone users didn’t.In the event that an Android client didn’t have a functioning web association, they could at present answer to messages, which would be sent at whatever point they reconnected. However, not on the iPhone, as of not long ago.

Tag Individuals in Group Chats With @ Mentions:


Just type “@” in a group chat, a menu will pop up and you can Select the person that you want to specifically ask something .

New Ways to Shoot Photos and Videos:


three new ways to simplify taking photo and videos in whatsapp.

  • When you take a selfie form from cam, you can now switch on “Flash”. This feature brightens your screen, casting more light on your face.
  • Double-tap the screen to switch between front and rear cameras in camera mode.
  • For zoom in and out jus you have to slide two fingers up to down when you shooting a videos.

Zoom, Pop Out, and Edit Videos:


Recent Update : what you can do with a video shared in WhatsApp. WhatsApp also has simple video editing features, including cropping or trimming the video to reduce its size.

Mark Chats as Read or Unread:


For your own personal usage, sometimes, you might want to mark a message as unread.

How to Start a Website Similar to WhatsApp?

If you are attracted with the facts and figures of WhatsApp and also want to start a similar Website like WhatsApp then take a look at a customizable ready-to-go WhatsApp clone script for your start-up.